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09/03/19Explaining Teacher Effects on Achievement Using Measures from Multiple Research Traditions
09/03/19Resources for Teaching: Examining Personal and Institutional Predictors of High-Quality Instruction
08/22/18The Design of Video-Based Professional Development: An Exploratory Experiment Intended to Identify Effective Features
06/27/18The Design of Video-Based Professional Development: An Exploratory Experiment Intended to Identify Effective Features
02/10/16Teachers’ Knowledge of Students: Defining a Domain
12/03/15It's Analysis Time for Your Experimental Study and There is No Significant Effect, Now What?
12/01/15Practice for December 1 TEAMS webinar
10/08/15Review of The Mirage: Confronting the Hard Truth About Our Quest for Teacher Development
01/22/13MSPnet Academy: The multi-dimensional nature of mathematics instructional quality
01/18/13test webinar with Heather
04/11/12Developing Measures of Teachers' Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching
03/28/12Measuring the Mathematical Quality of Instruction
01/11/12A Coding Rubric for Measuring the Quality of Mathematics in Instruction
04/21/09Test Validation and the MKT Measures: Generalizations and Conclusions
04/21/09Assessing Measures of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: A Validity Argument Approach
04/21/09Validating the ecological assumption: The relationship of measure scores to classroom teaching and student learning
04/21/09Assessing Elemental and Structural Validity: Data from teachers, non-teachers and mathematicians
04/17/09Mathematical knowledge for teaching and the mathematical quality of instruction: An exploratory study
04/17/09Adapting U. S. measures of "Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching" for use in Ireland
04/16/09Mathematical knowledge of middle school teachers: Implication for the No Child Left Behind Policy initiative
04/16/09Assessing Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge: What Knowledge Matters and What Evidence Counts?
04/10/07Quality of Mathematics in Instruction Instrument: Video Coding Tool
10/31/05Developing Measures of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
04/12/05Learning Mathematics for Teaching: Results from California's Mathematics Professional Development Institutes
04/12/05Effects of Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching on Student Achievement
10/20/04Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) Instrument Dissemination Workshop- Nov. 12, 2004
05/20/04Learning Mathematics for Teaching - Conference Presentation 2004
01/17/04Instructional Policy and Classroom Performance: The Mathematics Reform in California